Work Experiences

Wyyerd Group (current)

  • Made architectural & design decisions for frontend webapps.
  • Mentored engineers through pair programming and code reviews.
  • Full stack development w/ Vue webapps & Rust microservices.
Tech: Javascript, Typescript, Vue, Rust, GraphQL, Microservices, Docker, SCSS

Freelance Consultant (current)

  • Designed lightweight frontend for Margarita machine with Vue.
  • Multithreaded REST / Websocket servers for embedded Raspberry Pi CM3.
  • Developed secure firmware for ARM and SAMD51 microcontrollers.
  • Consulted on apps for CSU, Ion-Zero, Bounce, FenceMapper, Performa.
  • Utilized TDD to design and engineer Node.js applications and RESTful APIs.
  • Contracted and managed additional developers to ensure timely delivery.
Tech: Javascript, Vue, Node.js, Angular, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, AWS, Rust, C, C++, Arduino, i2c, SPI

Apptio (2017-2019) - Software Engineer

  • Implemented & delivered customer facing features from front to back end.
  • Lead team of 8 developers to resolve customer facing bugs.
  • Worked on rotating OPs team to oversee deployments and respond to critical issues.
Tech: Javascript, Typescript, React, Java, Spring, Python, MySQL

Blue Penguin (2016 - 2017) - Cofounder, Engineering Lead

  • Worked with clients to understand needs and design AR / VR solutions.
  • Developed apps for HoloLens, Vive, Oculus, Daydream & Google Cardboard.
  • Implemented logic, gesture and voice controls, custom materials and incorporated digital art.
Tech: C#, C++, Unity, Unreal Engine, iOS, Android

Galvanize (2015 - 2016) - Instructor, Sr. Full-Stack Developer

  • Developed curriculum and instructed students.
  • Partnered with software companies to mentor students.
Tech: Javascript, Node.js, Angular, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Heroku

Bounce Software (2012 - 2015) - Software Developer

  • Worked alongside clients to form solutions aligned to their needs.
  • Designed, built & shipped web, mobile & desktop apps.
Tech: Java, MySQL, Android, GWT, Phonegap, Linux

Projects & Contributions

Adafruit / Sparkfun SAMD51 Arduino Core - Added i2c slave support.

Code For Fort Collins - Brigade Captain. Organized events, sponsorship and project development for 10+ open source projects.

GoCode Colorado 1st Place - Awarded by Secretary of State Wayne Williams.

CSU Robotics - President. Lead team to prototype assistive smart glasses for the visually impaired.